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Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Age of the Conservative as an 'Actionary'

The new conservative seems to be a remarkably different entity than what was expected in the past. We are no longer passive supporters of the status quo. Instead we are 'actionaries'.

I use 'actionary' in direct opposition to to the term 'reactionary'. 'Actionary' depicts a movement. And it is not just a movement for the status quo. In fact it is quite the opposite. It is a strain of conservatism that promotes and expands. We understand the inherent good in liberty. And in understanding that liberty is a right that should be cherished, we actively promote it in all aspects of life.

The new liberal takes on the characteristics of a 'reactionary'. Cultural relativism is their value. And the promotion of liberty as Americans know it is viewed with disdain. They prefer isolation to activism in the promotion of liberty throughout our country and the world. They believe that just because something is good in America does not mean it will be good somewhere else. Cultural relativism.

I believe this will be the basis for the battleground between these new strains of ideological belief. The 'old guard' has not relinquished the reins of power, however. This results in hatred for the conservative cause because of cold and calculating neocons. It also leads to the lack of a unifying message for the liberals because of the conflict between internationalists and isolationists.

The liberal movement is less of a concern to me. But if their movement heads toward isolationism, expect a stronger united front from them in the future.

Instead, lets discuss the 'old guard' of the conservative movement. I identify neocons as dangerous to the conservative movement, because of the enmity directed at them from many aspects of American and world society. They operate in a manner that is not entirely contradictory to the promotion of liberty, however. It is the manner of that promotion where we differ.

Neocons act only in the interest of national security, albeit because liberty(read America) is a good and noble cause. It is the perception of others that cause the problem here. Under neocon control, America is perceived as a selfish entity interested only in the promotion of her security and financial interests. There is no unifying world cause behind their strain of conservatism other than the promotion of American interests.

The New Burkeian identifies that unifying world cause in liberty. We believe that America should act in the world because of the truth of liberty. We believe that while America may not be perfect, we at least attempt to promote the greater good because it is right. We acted in Iraq beacause it was the right thing to do, and we were able to promote liberty to the people of Iraq.

Our movement came to being after 9/11. We realized that America could not act justly and in the interests of its citizens using the ideology of the past. And we can no longer ride on the coattails of the neocons because our message becomes blurred in their self-interested movement. I believe that most conservatives are the new 'actionaries' that I described. We believe in the inherent goodness in the idea of liberty, and we will actively promote this in all aspects of life in this world.

This is the basis for this blog. This is the movement of the New Burkeian.


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