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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Chills of Patriotism

I love baseball. I never want to be disappointed with baseball again. I love the World Series. I love the Home Team. And I love the patriotism that flows through our national pastime.

I think my favorite part of the game is the national anthem. I love to watch the beginning of the game, and always look forward to singing and listening to the 'Star Spangled Banner'. In fact I get the chills when I hear it. And I do not have to be present at the game. I sat on my couch tonight to watch the game and those chills hit me right on during the national anthem. It always puts a smile on my face, and I forget anything negative.

I stopped to ponder that feeling tonight, though. It was so natural for me to be filled with the splendor of our country that the national anthem embodies. I realized that all of the glorious things Americans have done and will do are embodied in our anthem. Patriotism overwhelms me when I hear that tune. I am filled with love and respect for our country and its ideas. And it is one of the most wonderful experiences to get those chills of patriotism during our anthem.

With the endorphines flowing through my body I thought more on the ideals of the New Burkeian. What does it mean to be an 'actionary' in the new conservative movement? It means loving our country, and understanding the values that our country was built and thrives upon. It means understanding the universal nature of the values of liberty and justice. And ultimately, it means expressing and promoting those ideas that have brought such joy and freedom into my life.

There is nothing evil or misleading in the cause of the 'actionary'. It is a movement of truth; the truth of what our values represent as a country, as well as the truth that can lead other nations to our path of liberty and justice. America is indeed the 'City on a Hill' that our forefathers foresaw. And we will willingly present that blue print to any nation that inquires. We will also prevent any nation from blocking that path to freedom. We will fight to the bitter end, if that is our fate.

But of course, that is not to be our fate. The standard of liberty and justice cannot be defeated. America will not be defeated. We will never allow anyone to say that we did not fight for freedom. We will never give up hope. This is the patriotism of the 'actionary'. This is just a glimpse at the feelings of patriotism that overwhelm me. And this embodies the chills of patriotism that fill me with joy when I hear our national anthem.


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