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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The 'Actionary' in Action

So what has been going on in the world of conservative rule? Well, soon after I started this blog, I realized that I was not writing about a movement I wanted to start. In fact, I was writing about the movement that had already been started. The average American was sick of being told what was 'right' and 'wrong' by the liberal establishment. Conservatives realized they could no longer sit back while liberals ruined our country. The 'actionary' was born.

The New Burkeian, being a product of this new conservative movement, is gradually coming into focus. Hopefully, as my ideas come more into focus, more people will come across them. I think there are a lot of Americans that agree with the New Burkeian, but, because of being bombarded by MSM, they have no outlet for their thoughts. Well, I encourage more people to an open debate on the movement of the 'actionary'. What do you think of this movement, and where should it go? Please leave more comments or start your own blog on these ideas.

President Bush is taking an even more active role in changing the establishment in his second term. I think surrounding himself by faithful associates is a good thing. I am sick of cabinet level advisors kowtowing to the Washington establishment. Fred Barnes disusses this on Opinion Journal. "It's become more Republican in recent years but is still center-left in ideological tilt. But it's liberal in a reactionary way, passionately opposing conservative change."
To counter that 'reaction' we need more forceful people in the cabinet. President Bush is doing a very good job of getting those 'actionaries' inplace. We have to do our own part, too. Politicians are not the only people that can promote the 'actionary' cause.

And speaking of the 'actionary' cause, that same article printed a fairly accurate description of what the New Burkeian believes to be good policy.

"Mr. Bush's agenda is post-Reagan in its conservatism, which means it's more far-reaching and thus more threatening to the establishment. Mr. Bush would not only reform Social Security and allow individuals to invest a portion of their payroll taxes in financial markets, he would also revamp the entire federal tax code and fill the Supreme Court with judicial conservatives. And those are only his domestic plans. In foreign affairs, Mr. Bush would make aggressive efforts to spread democracy around the world the centerpiece. The foreign policy élite is aghast."

The New Burkeian believes these policies are crucial in the President's second term. Sometimes just talking about these things with other people can get the message out. Every vote counts and every voice can be heard. The 'actionary' will do whatever it takes to be heard. Let us get things changed for the better.


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