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Monday, November 15, 2004

Blogging Iraqi Style

Recently I've been browsing some Iraqi blogs. They are quite interesting. There is obviously a wide range of blogs from Iraq. The few I visit are simply Iraqis expressing opinions on the Democratization of Iraq.

Iraq the Model seems to be the thoughts and opinions of three doctors (or dentists?). They just celebrated there One Year Anniversary. These guys bring a lot of insight into the new freedoms and rights of Iraqis. They link to a lot of other Arab and Iraqi bloggers. Some are clearly anti-Western or anti-Semetic, but it provides insight into the Arab mind. It is at least refreshing to view this on your own time rather than have the Main Stream Media shove it down your throat.

Ibn al-Rafidain has been the most interesting to me. While he talks of the political aspects of our intervention, he focuses more on the day-to-day lives of Iraqis. There is interesting discussion on Islamic traditions and holidays, and how they relate to the current situation. It also seems to be more personal and insightful into life of an average Iraqi.

Iraqi4Ever is an interesting site. He seems to rant a bit and it's quite a good read.

All in all, these sites are very helpful in understanding the situation in Iraq. For the most part, Iraqis are thankful for American intervention and do not wish for American troops to leave any time soon. These guys understand it will be difficult to secure Freedom in an Iraqi Democracy, but they are also not willing to give up. It says a lot about the character of the people of Iraq. They are not the stereotypical Arabs our media would project. They are a proud and honorable people and deserve the chance to secure their rights to Liberty. They give me hope for a peaceful future in Democracy.