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Reflections on the Revolution in Conservatism

Monday, November 01, 2004

Burke's Reflection

Edmund Burke is considered the standard bearer of conservatism. While the classical conservatism he promotes does not always seem to agree with modern strains of conservatism, the wisdom of his discourses are still relevant. The New Burkeian is distinctly 'actionary', but the final passage of Burke's "Reflections on the Revolution in France" alludes to our modern day movement away from 'reaction'. I present his final passage:

"I have little to recommend my opinions but long observation and much impartiality. They come from one who has been no tool of power, no flatterer of greatness; and who in his last acts does not wish to belie the tenor of his life. They come from one almost the whole of whose public exertion has been a struggle for the liberty of others; from one in whose breast no anger, durable or vehement, has ever been kindled but by what he considered as tyranny; and who snatches from his share in the endeavors which are used by good men to discredit opulent oppression the hours he has employed on your affairs; and who in so doing persuades himself he has not departed from his usual office; they come from one who desires honors, distinctions, and emoluments but little, and who expects them not at all; who has no contempt for fame, and no fear of obloquy; who shuns contention, though he will hazard an opinion; from one who wishes to preserve consistency, but who would preserve consistency by varying his means to secure the unity of his end, and, when the equipoise of the vessel in which he sails may be endangered by overloading it upon one side, is desirous of carrying the small weight of his reasons to that which may preserve its equipoise."

We are currently threatened by a tipping of the boat into obscurity if we fail to reelect the President. I believe America still has a major role to play in the world. I have hope that the American people will make the right decision. We must remember that the fight for liberty and justice does not end with this election, though. Regardless of the outcome, our movement against tyranny must be continued. Never give up hope. Edmund Burke would not. The New Burkeian will not, as well.


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