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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Many liberals claim that our President is a corrupt individual. They accuse President Bush as being directed by Big Oil. They accuse him of alterior motives in his policy direction. They accuse his supporters of being morons.

Well, as liberals are supposedly the defender of Democracy and civil liberties, they should understand the basis of Common Law. Every individual is innocent until proven guilty. Is there something wrong with this concept or should it not apply to the President? I do not claim to have all the evidence to the contrary, but how can I defend our President when the evidence for his corruption is never backed up by fact. Give me factual evidence of his corruption and I might be able to respond. Liberals accusing every member of this Administration of corruption remind me of the Red Guards during China's 'successful' Cultural Revolution. Is this what liberals will resort to; the destruction of society in the name of revolution?

Is it so hard to understand that this President is simply acting upon the principle of Liberty? You may not agree with this, but I fail to believe over half the American population was duped by the War On Terrorism. People voted for President Bush because they believe in the universal principle of Liberty. Do liberals not believe Iraqis have the capacity or the right to Democracy? What is more corrupt: allowing a dictator to kill and harass his people or helping to establish a free society? And just because something is hard or difficult is no excuse to fail an attempt. Half of the American population did not agree with Independence from Britain. Should we still be English subjects? I guess India should not have proceeded with their Independence because their 'culture' was not ready for Democracy. Mexico too, for that matter. And certainly Indonesia cannot be ready for Democracy. I mean, Muslims cannot understand Democracy, right? That's all BS. Liberty is not the reserved right of liberals or Democrats.

If you want to really talk about corruption, then let us talk about the UN. Now that's Corruption with a capital C. The UN, a monolithic bureaucracy, is the epitome of Liberal policy gone wrong. This is what the 'actionary' is up against: entrenched corruption. Conservatives can no longer sit back and respond when liberals go to far. Oil for Food money was given to suicide bomber's families. Are you kidding me? Is this what the American public is supposed to support? I suggest all liberals become isolationists to 'cleanse' themselves of their failures in World Democracy. The UN has gone the way of the Soviet Union, the League of Nations, and the Kellog-Briand Pact. Now it is time for the conservatives to clean up this mess, and start anew. If you do not like that, then move to Canada like you have been threatening to do for the past four years. Or do liberals not have any backbone when it comes to anything?

PS I encourage debate through comments, but please try to be nasty in a civil way. There is no need for foul language. Liberty is universal, but in the case of my blog I am dictator. The New Burkeian directs the thoughts and ideas here. If you feel a need to express yourself any other way, then start your own blog. I will be happy to read it.


Blogger BoomerBoy said...

Very interesting thoughts, particularly on some Iraqi viewpoints on what's going on. Let's remember, though, when you are presenting people who have the ability to communicate online, whether it's email, blogging or whatever, that you are only sampling a small portion of the world. Lots of folks still don't have telephones. By the way, Britain is spelled with the "a" in front. So much for a Mizzou education:).

November 21, 2004 at 4:41 PM  

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