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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Daily Show Bigots

I have not been as mad after the election as when I watched the Daily Show last night. I did not know that liberals could be so illiberal in their attitudes towards foreign peoples. They sound like outright bigots at times.

I understand the Daily Show is not 'real'. The Daily Show makes the claim that many Americans get their news fix from them, though. As far as I'm concerned they are another arm of the liberal main stream media. If you think they are not biased just listen for the applause every time John Kerry is mentioned, and the boos every time President Bush is mentioned. There is definitely a Left Wing twist on the Daily Show.

Last night, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was asked about the readiness and capability of the force entering Fallujah. He only commented on the American forces since the Iraqi forces are directed by the Iraqi Interim Government. Jon Stewart equated the Iraqi forces to a lawless, screaming mob with a short video clip. This just upholds my belief that most liberals are bigots when it comes to foreign cultures. They view foreign peoples (that do not look like them) as children that need dictators for stability. Even the liberals' favorite ally, France, certainly did not equate Americans fighting for freedom in the 18th century to lawless heathens. Why does Jon Stewart and the Daily Show feel the need to belittle a courageous people such as the Iraqis?

Perhaps the liberal establishment is just ignorant. They certainly think conservatives are ignorant. At least conservatives understand how democracy works. Another segment of the Daily Show mocked the amount of parties in the Iraqi political system. Have they never heard of a Parliamentary Democracy? You just need to look across the Pond at Britian to see that all democracies are not exactly alike. Proportional representation will allow Iraqi parties that gain a portion of the vote seats in the government. Who cares how many political parties there are? At least the Iraqis are forming free opinions on the way they think government should be run.

So why should I be so upset over a 'fake' shows portrayal of Iraq and its citizens? It is egocentric and speaks of bigotry. People who think Iraqis have not the ability to participate in democracy remind me of opponents in American history to minorities voting. Some people use to think that blacks and women could not comprehend the complexities of voting. Liberals who perpetuate this view in Iraq are just as wrong. And just because you hide behind humor, does not mean you can avoid criticism for promoting racist, egocentric, bigotry.


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