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Monday, November 22, 2004


Reginald Jones recently came to speak at the University of Missouri. Mr. Jones has been active in the hip-hop community. Now he speaks on various conservative issues. The main topic of discussion was diversity.

Mr. Jones is against forced diversity for the sake of diversity. He acknowledges the benefits of diversity in specific situations, though. In a question&answer session after his speech we discussed the issue of diversity on campuses. Mr. Jones suggested that if we were truly dedicated to the value of diversity we should not stop at racial diversity. Universities should not be selective in the application of diversity. Religious, intellectual, and ideological diversity should be promoted, as well. That is to say if liberals truly believe in academic freedom through diversity.

95% of Mizzou faculty contribute to the Democratic Party. And this is not limited to the University of Missouri. John Fund of OpinionJournal discusses the problem with intellectual diversity on most college campuses. I have to be careful in the presence of some professors on our campus. I believe it is detrimental to the conservative on campus to espouse his views in class for fear of 'retaliation' from professors. Objectivity only goes as far as liberalism. The ideal of 'academic freedom' has gone so far as to eliminate a conservative presence in college life. Our alternative(conservative and libertarian) paper on campus, Equitas, cannot be issued without tons of issues being thrown in the trash by 'free-thought' liberals on campus.

It has recently come to my attention how far liberals on campus will go to supress alternative thought. At the University of Pennsylvania, one college professor has come under major attack from the college administration. In a psychology class Professor Gil-White discusses the psychology of ethnicity. The focus is on the basis for hatred between various ethnicities. He does not hold the liberal line on issues such as Israel-Palestine. The university has changed the class description in its catalog(something on reproduction) and limited acces to the class. He has come under attack from his own Department of Psychology at the university with some rather nasty threats.

Is this what 'academic freedom' and the 'value of diversity' have come to? It is okay to express your conclusions, as long as you hold the liberal line. And if you stray from that line of reasoning, you will be marked as an unintelligent fascist(or an Uncle Tom if you're black) by the powers that be. And liberals wonder why the American public did not support their policies in our recent elections. The New Burkeian and the new conservative 'actionary' will not sit on the sidelines anymore. Liberals beware! Mwuahahahahahahahahaha!


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