The New Burkeian

Reflections on the Revolution in Conservatism

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Election Reflection

Yesterday was an emotional ride for me. I volunteered for Karl Rove's brain-child to mobilize the conservative base for the Election. As a volunteer it is hard to get an idea of the mood of the Electorate. Sometimes you participate in hostile areas and you certainly do not see everything going on in the news. I was not actually able to settle down and watch the Election coverage until well after 10PM.

I was encouraged by the people I talked to, though. At times I had long conversations with people about the process. We discussed the ideas and policies of the President and conservatives. We expressed faith in the American Electorate to make the right decision. We even discussed everyday things that had little to do with politics. These were the genuine people that helped to re-elect the President. And my faith in them has not wavered.

I must also say that the effort to get out the vote was very well organized. As volunteers we knew exactly what was expected of us once we arrived. The vastness of the grass-roots movement overwhelms me still. The organizers were able to employ us to the very last minutes. One of the most exciting times was calling people in the last hour to inform them the polls were still open. Many people had already voted and supported the President. It left me with a sense of hope to go home with. With the massive effort by conservatives we won our mandate.

What's next? I know it is only a day past the election and we could all use some rest. The New Burkeian can never rest in the effort to promote conservative ideals, though. The quest of the 'actionary' is an ever-vigilant adventure. We must use our mandate to broaden the base of conservatives. We must promote unity in order to engender a sense of responsibility for Americans in the world. We must continue to act from the heart in our promotion of liberty and justice. We must continue to promote and support democracy throughout the world. We must continue to pursue a world where freedom is universal. We must continue to promote fiscal responsibility to continue the growth of the American economy, which in turn will promote a better world economy.

Most importantly we must not forget what we have learned from the liberals. We must not lose touch with the American Electorate's ideals and we must continue to promote a unified message for conservatives. Let's not lose the ground we have gained in our grass-roots movement. We must be pro-active, pre-emptive, and essentially 'actionary' in our mission. America will be a 'Beacon of Liberty' to all.