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Reflections on the Revolution in Conservatism

Friday, November 12, 2004

Progression Through Conservatism

"A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation."
-Edmund Burke

Time and time again we see the wisdom of Burke through his works. While he focuses on classical conservatism in 18th century Britian, we can apply these classic ideas to our modern political situation. Indeed we have witnessed the 'means of change' in our most recent poltical elections. America is no longer the classical liberal state. We have entered the age of the modern conservative state and the 'conservation' of the American political system as a 'Beacon of Liberty'.

Throughout our history the American political system exemplified the classical liberal state that emerged throughout the world in the 19th century. The classic idea of the state's responsibility for the welfare of its citizens was pushed forward. The high-point of this process can be seen in the policies of the New Deal under FDR. There was a time and a place for liberal policies in this country and other democracies, but America has turned a new page.

The New Burkeian does not believe it is necessary to push through these policies anymore. I do not think any president, liberal or conservative, would be so detrimental to the welfare of his citizens. It will be pretty hard to screw up this country any time soon. And the American people have decided that this is not the time for America to slip into the obscurity of world democracies. No liberal will be able to turn America inward in this new era. No liberal presidential candidate will be able to run on that platform without the massive 'get out the vote' effort we so recently witnessed. A new conservatism has appeared on the political horizon.

America now has the responsibility to promote the causes we have have accomplished. We have seen the good in Democracy, and the positive goal of Liberty. We understand that the next progression in Democracy is not a move towards socialism. The next progression is the preservation and promotion of Democracy throughout the world. Our system may not be perfect, but it is the most perfect system available to the masses of the world.

Conservatism is no longer the movement of 'reaction'. Conservatives, through the Republican Party, have championed this new movement in America. We will steadily progress the Liberty of Americans through the promotion of Democracy and the Democratic Process. Government will not regulate the common citizen without the approval of the Democratic Process. The best way to promote the continued success of our citizens is to promote the policies of Democracy to the rest of the world.

A democratic world is a peaceful world. A peaceful world is a successful world. And we must not assume that relative balance in the world is peace. This attitude is what allowed 9/11 to occur. Americans must not be lulled to sleep. Consevatives must champion the 'actionary' cause in order to promote a better and safer world. A better and safer world can only be good for a better and safer America. This is the means for our conservation.


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