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Reflections on the Revolution in Conservatism

Monday, November 29, 2004

Speaking Out

Within the past century, conservatives put into power tend to squander that power. Being in the opposition may have limited the ability of conservatives to understand the power granted to them by the public. We must be sure this mistake does not continue.

I believe the American people have given the GOP a mandate to actively pursue conservative policies. And these policies are, by nature, 'actionary' policies. The American public has asked the conservatives in government to change the nature of the beast that has been controlling and regulating their lives for the past century. They have granted the GOP majority status, and the GOP must act as such.

The most important thing to maintaining the power base must be speaking out. Conservatives must learn to direct American policy as the norm. This requires the average conservative to be more active in their beliefs. I know that it is really easy to sit back and allow liberals to screw up on their own. Americans do not trust liberal policy at this point in the game. We must get our views across, though. The grass roots movement that achieved success in the recent election was not a passive movement. Conservatives spoke out. America listened.

Now we must actually become the 'actionary' I have discussed. It must drive to the essence of what the new conservative can be. Our rhetoric and our actions must change in the era of the conservative being in the majority. Our message struck home with the average American, and we must not let them forget what that message is.

So speak up, whatever the circumstance. You have nothing to fear. Do not let liberals belittle your ideas. A majority of Americans cannot be the 'idiots' liberals would have us believe. We are intelligent and thoughtful individuals with an agenda for the future of our country, and the world. The New Burkeian will be an 'actionary' in thought, and action. Will you?


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