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Friday, November 19, 2004

Vichy America

Ali, of IraqtheModel, has some interesting comments about France. Wow! And I thought I disliked the French a lot. Ali makes a really good point, though. Why should anyone support the Democracy in Iraq, or elsewhere, if it is not profitable? Heck, why should America even support this 'money pit' of an adventure?

It is really easy for America to sit back and profit from the world. Was that not what the 90s was all about? Why endanger lives and relationships when we can make money? This seems to be the attitude of a number of opponents to the War on Terror, and its inherent promotion of Democracy. I always believed that America served an ideal larger than that. I thought our history was about Liberty. Sure, there were times when Liberty was not universal, but we progressed. All of our major struggles have been about the spread Liberty. I might add that Republicans have been behind the spread of Liberty at every juncture, but that would be gloating.

When the Cold War ended we had eliminated the bi-polar enemy that had haunted us for years. It was a new era. Americans could focus on prosperity. We could be selfish to the world in our pursuit of prosperity because there was no more threat to the world order. We were wrong, though. We sold out Liberty for prosperity and 9/11 happened. The end of the Soviet Union was not the end of Tyranny. It was a tough lesson, but it is one that many have still not learned. Even if we choose to ignore the world in the pursuit of prosperity, the world will not ignore us. We should have learned our lesson after WWII. I will admit that even I forgot that lesson.

Now the blood of the victims of terrorism are on our hands. We could have done something about this years ago. We could have fought Tyranny wherever it stood. We could have promoted Liberty throughout the world in the hopes that one day the world as a whole could focus on prosperity. Instead, like Vichy France, we sold out to our enemies to preserve lives temporarily. And it was temporary. We had fun for a decade. Now it is time to refocus on what America is all about. If you search deep enough, you will find the Truth of America to be 'self-evident'.


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