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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Change for the Better

When the New Burkeian was developing political beliefs during the Clinton Administration and prior to 9/11, it was merely in opposition to liberal doctrine and the social-welfare (read socialist) state.

After 9/11 the New Burkeian responded with anger and vengeance. I was a bitter and cynical person concerning those in the world that would work against us. Over the past 3 years my ideas have come into better clarity. And while I will not ever forget how 9/11 affected me personally, I understand the need for solidarity.

While I wish America, as Beacon of Liberty, could present the case for Democracy on her own, I understand now the need for a unified movement against the forces of tyranny. I understand the need for compassion in our actions. And most importantly, I understand the need for passion in our beliefs to make the world a better place.

In the past I have resorted to bashing liberals or others who would oppose our country's path towards the promotion of Democracy throughout the world. I am no longer that man. I will do anything in my power to explain the inherent good in a Free and Democratic world at any cost. This fight must extend beyond party lines, at least for those of us that wish to lead the fight against tyranny.

Understand that the division of politics within civil societies is inevitable. That is what free societies are all about. We must not forget what has unified us to begin with, though. Our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution set a very clear goal for the people of our country. Do not forget that "All men are created equal". Do not forget that it took centuries to truly achieve equality among men within our own country. It was a fight worth fighting, and I would do it all over again.

And in fact, we are doing this all over again. All men are created equal. If it takes a war in Iraq, the encouragement of an open society within China, and the censure of Russia within the coalition of Democracies, then so be it. It is a fight worth fighting. As I have said before, I carry no ulterior motives behind my quest for Freedom and Democracy in the world. I bear no ill will towards any man, unless he is an incarnation of tyranny, and as such, and opponent to the inherent equality among men.

The New Burkeian is an Actionary. I have a passion for the truth in Democracy. I have compassion for those who suffer under the boot of tyrrany. And I yearn for a unified movement against those powers that would corrupt and terrify the overwhelming good that mankind can achieve. I am reaching out for others who share my all-inclusive beliefs. There are no party lines when it comes to this fight.

I encourage everyone to read "The Case for Democracy" by Natan Sharansky. (You can read the introductions to his book in my sidebar.) Mr. Sharansky came from a society that did not have the benefit of the gray areas of thought that drive civil society. Everything was black and white in the former USSR. The only way for us to achieve the Freedom of "Gray Thought" is to understand that there is black and white. There is good and evil. The Actionary cause is to identify these objective absolutes. America is not a force for evil. Neither is the New Burkeian. Both entities believe whole-heartedly that all men truly are created equally.


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