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Friday, December 17, 2004

Democratic Hope II

Consider Claudia Rosett's article on OpinionJournal. Many opponents to the future of Democracy in the world suggest that various ethnicites cannot fathom the idea of Democracy. These are the subjective moralists and cultural relativists, that in the New Burkeian's mind, sound more ethnocentric and anti-intellectual than any conservative rhetoric on this topic. President Bush, as naive as his policies may appear, has a vision of 'silent majorities' within every nation of our world. A silent majority did re-elect him, and a silent majority was heard in Ukraine, as well. The principles of Democracy that these silent majorities evoke, speak for the reality and the truth of a Democratic future for our world.

The principles on which President Bush was re-elected are being spread around the globe in a new rennaisance discussed by Rosett:

Despite the perils of our time, despite the terrorists and bombs and war, despite the inevitable erosion of high ideals and disappointments of daily political practice, I will hazard the prediction that if we of the free world stick to our principles--and, where necessary, defend them with our guns--we stand on the verge of a global renaissance.

There is truth in this idea. Former American policy (realpolitik and the neo-cons) acted only on security, at the expense of principle. We created the enemy we now fight because we did not stick to those principles.

With recent success for Democracy in Ukraine, a new hope is spreading around the world for the future of democracy:

In such statements is a world of promise for the people of nations where the moment of democratic truth has not yet arrived. Ukraine is telegraphing around the globe a reminder that freedom brings with it the great gift of dignity. That is precisely why it is so stirring to watch such revolutions. They speak to the best part of the human spirit, because we are witnessing people, often against big odds and at great risk, recovering their self-respect.

And right there is the basic remedy for the miseries of the Middle East. There has been plenty of debate about the humiliations of the Muslim world, and how to redress or contain the rage and hate this breeds. There have been endless disquisitions on the complicated politics, the complex cultural and religious divides, and the--how did Mr. Rybachuk put it?--the idiocy, romanticism and naiveté of the idea, put forward as policy by President Bush, that living under the rule of some of the world's most corrupt thugs are vast silent majorities who given any room to maneuver would prefer to create free societies.

Disagree with President Bush if you want, a silent majority spoke out in America as it did in Ukraine. Right now silent majorities are preparing to speak in Iraq and Palestine. They wish for a return to self-respect, that will in turn develop world respect. When you see the variety of cultures and nations establishing Democarcy, the idea that Democracy is not for everyone begins to sound like the naive one. People yearn to be free.

The Actionary cause is being lifted up around the world. It is distinctly conservative in our country because of the amount of time Democracy has had to develop here. The Actionary has no hesistancy in supporting liberal revolutions towards Democracy, though. This is what liberals in America fail to understand. They should be a model for change in these developing Democracies, but they have turned inwards in complete opposition to the hope for Democracy.

Actionaries are speaking out all over the world, though. They are conservative and liberal, religious and ethical, members of every race on our planet, and they all believe in the truth of Democracy. The silent majority once worked for Democracy in the shadows. Today the silent majority is speaking out all over the world as Actionaries. Here's to the Hope of Democracy.


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