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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Democratic Hope

Arthur Chrenkoff, an excellent writer and intelligent person, suggests a difficult transition for Palestinain Democracy:

"Democracy - and the statehood - (probably in that order) will of course both be very positive developments for the Palestinian people, but neither of itself is a magic bullet that will ensure the long-term viable and successful future for the Palestinian nation."

The New Burkeian suggests, otherwise.

I prefer an alternate explanation refered to in Chrenkoff's own post:

"It represents the birth of modern politics in the Arab world through a credible, legitimate process of contesting power that has not been achieved in any Arab country to date."

This is an amazing discovery for subjective moralists everywhere. We have a culture ready to tackle the concept of Democracy on their own. America did not force this on Palestinians. Their leader passed, and they want to achieve civil society, through Democracy, on their own. Even isolationist out there can appreciate this. The formation of a Democracy, in an Arab country, on its own.

Immanuel Kant replies: "The state of peace among men living side by side is not the natural state . . . a state of peace, therefore, must be established."

Indeed, peace must be established among civil societies, through the medium of government. The best form of established commitments appears to be Democracy, to date. What better chance for peace in the Middle East conflict, specifically that between Israelis and Palestinians, than for the opportunity of Democratic compromise. If you really believe in the opportunity of Democratic peace, then you must be ecstatic for the possibility of Palestinian Democracy.

Consider Andrew Olmsted. He suggests the viability of majority rule in a culture that respects power relationships. Think America. If the rhetoric is right, and the intentions are true, you find real power. I see the possibility of the future. A world of true Democratic states, achieved by a mission for real Liberty, working for the cooperation of humanity.

This is the stuff the Actionary works for. We believe in the truth of Democracy. But it is up to the Actionary to achieve this goal of conservative doctrine. Forget what we have seen from the Israeli-Palestinain conflict. Respect the possibility of a civil compromise between historically hostile countries (and I say countries for a reason). The fate of Democracy in the Middle East lies in the Actionary's hands. Do whatever you can, in the context of true Democracy, to contribute to compromise.

As I've said before, the first step to conservative success is the rhetoric. As the party in opposition, we spoke the truth, and convinced the general public of our goals. It is now time to act out upon those principles, to prove to Americans, and to the world respectful of the Hope of Democracy, to achieve those truths.


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