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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Our Friends the Canadians

Ann Coulter recently made remarks on our neighbor to the North. She suggested Canada should not be in opposition to President Bush's policies because we could take them over at any moment. While I enjoy Ms. Coulter's rhetoric on liberals, I believe it to be in stark contrast to the way our new conservatives should speak. I have encouraged a more positive rhetoric that better supports a party in the majority. Perhaps this is why conservatives have had such trouble holding a majority in this country in the past. To make such statements sounds like the old neo-con rhetoric that many Americans despise.

If you did not see President Bush's speech in Halifax, I'd suggest you do so. Many have accused our President of acting unilaterally in the world. His favorable opinion of Canada echoed throughout the speech. Canada is a friend and a quality neighbor to our North. I think their current government understands better the mission America has undertaken. We will listen to our friends to the North, but they must understand that our mission is in the best interest of democracies throughout the world. You do not achieve that support by speaking down to people. You achieve this by allowing them to understand the inherent 'good' in the mission we are undertaking.

Some would accuse the President of pandering, but I believe the President believes in everything he says. These are not empty words being spoken by our President. He believes, as does the New Burkeian, in the truth of Democracy. In turn, a true supporter of Democracy achieves good in the world through contracts with the relevant players. President Bush seeks the honest support of our friends, including Canada. He will act in the interest of our country, as any citizen should, but he wishes to inform democracies everywhere of the peril that threatens us.

Our mission in the Middle East, and elsewhere, is not simply an American mission. It is the mission of those who believe in the positive qualities of a democratic world. No longer will America support tyrants because of security interests. We have no opponent, as we did during the Cold War. The world faces a threat to Liberty and Justice. America, as a powerful entity and one that believes in doing what is right, will pursue threats to those ideals. We can no longer speak of ourselves as a 'Beacon of Liberty' without the actions to assure that.

To be sure, we believe in the rights of self-determination. But we will not allow others to force their will on Freedom loving countries, such as Ukraine. Russia can pursue her own interests within her own borders. And if others, such as Belarus, choose to follow the style of democracy pursued in Russia, then so be it. Our mission is not an Imperialist one. This is the message that conservatives need to get across. Democracies choose their own leaders, and their own policies. If they choose to disagree with the American line, then so be it. But democracies do not actively pursue the destruction of other democracies. I think you would be hard pressed to give an example otherwise.

At any rate, I appreciated the words President Bush spoke to Canada. We do need the support of others in the world. This does not mean we have to bend over backwards to accomodate them. We simply need to get across the positive action of the War on Terror. We have to allow people to understand that America is not power-hungry. We are simple using our power to promote the benefits of the very system we participate in. Perhaps we should have pursued this goal years ago, but it is never too late to start. And it is never too late to ask for the support of other democracies in the world. We will not have to compromise on the beliefs of our mission, though. We simply need to explain to others that America acts in the interest of the entire world. And that is the truth.

This is to the return of old friends to the American cause. We welcome you back with open arms. We humbly thank you for your support.


Blogger Caleb said...

As a liberal I have to honestly wonder how you can praise Ms. Coulter's liberal bashing and yet come off against neo-con diatribe in the same breath. While it is commendable that you ask to begin a new, less harsh and spiteful vein of thought and speech within the conservative community, you must distance yourself from people like Ann Coulter who are at the heart of the very attack-centric conservative dialog which you hope to do away with.

Towards the actual subject matter at hand, I applaud your fervor and dedication to the cause, although I feel that it is sadly irrelevant. While your manner of speech seeks to be inspiring, you deal with a subject matter (politics) that does not deserve the time of day to revere. To put it succinctly, it would appear your head is in the clouds.

As sad as it is, a healthy dose of skepticism is absolutely vital when dealing in such issues. As much as it feels right that the president is speaking from his heart, and honestly believes in what he says, you must remember that he is a political figure with a goal in mind and a will to achieve said goal. Whatever may be said, be aware that 9 times out of 10 it is politically motivated.

It is hard for me to try and attack such dedication. Even if I disagree with your points of view, I really dislike trying to poke holes in the ideas of the world, it feels unfair. All I seek to do now is warn you that to be taken seriously, you must remember that politics has never been a face-value subject.

June 11, 2007 at 4:27 AM  

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