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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Domestic for a Change

I have become so passionate for the spread of Democracy in recent months. This has led the New Burkeian to ignore his duties in describing the goals of the new conservative domestically. We can all be Actionaries on many different levels. I believe that an individual's right to determine his course of action is central to Democracy and the Actionary cause.

So what could be so important in domestic policy that I would change my pace. As the inauguration nears, and the election victory becomes more a part of history, a whole new road appears before us. The Administration did many things to improve the average American's life, but none of it was truly permanent. We have a chance to truly make some difference in the future generations of America, though.

Reforms of the Great Society (chiefly Social Security and Medicare) and Tax Reform should be hot topics in the coming years. What should the Actionary push for? I think, generally speaking, the Actionary needs to push for the transfer of responsibility within the federal system: the realtionship of government within our great Democracy from the national, to the state, to the community, to the individual. Government does not necessarily need to be smaller, so much as the national government needs to transfer some of its responsibility to the other, often more efficient, sectors of our federal system.

Great Society Reforms need to be transferred to the state and local level. Some states already have more efficient systems in place. While I personally would enjoy a social security account I could directly control, I understand that the complete privatization of social security could be something we are not ready for. However, the end goal for all government programs should be the education of the individual to better handle such issues on his own.

As far as Tax Reform, I'm all about the flat tax. Check out this article by Thomas E. Nugent. In our federal system we cannot ignore the needs of the national government for funds. We can create a more efficient national tax, though. I've also heard about a national sales tax, but I find sales taxes to be annoying. Just tell me what percentage you want at the end of the year, and I'll pay it. And that's that.

I must admit that I have not looked into these topics so much lately. As I have said before, I do not think any American President could ruin the American economy to the extent people believe. I would hope the Senate Republicans would block a Democratic President's ill-advised tax reform, as much as the Senate Democrats block minority conservative judges (heh). I've just chosen to focus the New Burkeian on foreign policy because it is at the crux of our future place in the world. I will be back with domestic issues, though. The Actionary never rests in his quest to allow indiviuals to make the decisions they should make.


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