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Friday, January 21, 2005

The Phoenix: American Idealism in Foreign Policy

The New Burkeian is pleased to announce the rhetorical victory of the Actionary.

President Bush has placed before us the future of American foreign policy. Linkage, the connection of American foreign policy to foreign internal Freedoms, has become the the underlying goal of future American diplomacy.

Principles have been the framework of American diplomacy since our existence as a nation. Power, peace, and prosperity have always played a role in the direction of our foreign policy, but principles have always been the underlying framework.

Washington presented our underlying principle as an aversion to foreign entanglements that plagued Europe in the 19th century. Monroe presented the principle of American predominance in affairs of the Western Hemisphere. Lincoln presented the principle of a united nation acting as one. Wilson saw the potential of our "Beacon of Liberty". FDR presented the principle of free societies versus fascist societies. The Cold War extended that principle of capitalism (and to some extent Democracy) against the slavery of communism. Reagan brought us back to linkage, or Freedom, as the underlying goal of our foreign policy.

From the ashes of our precious principles has emerged the new Phoenix. Our foreign policy will now be based on the fundamental belief that free societies are in the interest of all mankind. We cannot look out for our own national interest without looking out for the interests of the entire world. Free societies are the future of mankind. Democracy is the only system that works. Democracies inherently look out for the good of at least the majority of human interests. And the New Burkeian believes that people are, by and large, Good.

Principle underlines the strength and perseverance of the American way of life. I am overwhelmed by the ability of the current Administration to understand that. Some may view my enthusiasm as premature. But I cannot go through life as a pessimist. I truly believe in the goodness of mankind. I truly believe in the power of Democracy and Freedom to give guidance to that inherent good. And I praise this Administration for at least attempting to highlight that understanding as a primary goal of our foreign policy.

Think what you will of President Bush. Doubt his abilities as a decision-maker and leader. The man truly believes in the same ideals that the New Burkeian presents. He is truly an Actionary. And even if you disagree with the decision of the majority of the country (for that is the way a Democracy really works) to re-elect him, at least have faith in the ideal he sets forth. There is nothing evil or immoral about the want for free societies throughout the world. Nothing but good, in the universal sense, can come of a world of free societies. I know that our fundamental shift in foreign policy goals has only been stated through rhetoric, but I truly believe in the direction the President has set for us.

The Actionaries have won. Now, as Actionaries must always do, we must continue the fight by deed, as well as word. We must push for linkage to be the actual policy the Administration has set forth in principle. And we must use whatever means our Forefathers have provided for us to achieve those goals. This new Phoenix is truly a glorious creature. I only hope he survives to see the conclusion of a free world.


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This is the best posting you've written. Not inflammatory, meaningful, and most importantly, I actually agree with you for a change.

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