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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


To those reactionaries out there who oppose the Iraq mission, or to those who supported the invasion, yet criticize the rebuilding, I pose these questions:

Was the Civil War a just war?
Knowing the price our nation paid to uphold the Union and fight for a just cause, would you still fight the Civil War?
Was Reconstruction necessary?
Would there have been any progress to assimilate the slave population without Reconstruction?
Despite the setbacks of Reconstruction and the alienation of many whites in the South through Reconstruction, would you still institute Reconstruction?
Were the Civil War and Reconstruction successful in the long run?
Has there been no progress in America between North and South, black and white, slave and free since these events?
Was the Civil Rights movement necessary?
Is the Civil Rights movement in a state of progress?
Are we a stronger nation today because of these tragic chapters of our history?
Did we perhaps learn from our mistakes in these tragedies?
Is it not right to fight for something that is Just simply because it is difficult?

I suggest those people that criticize so vehemently, sit back, reflect on our 200+ years of history, and realize that we did not become a champion of Democracy, Freedom Justice, and Liberty overnight. We also still have a lot to learn. But just because something is difficult, does not give us an excuse to ignore it. Saddam is evil. The insurgency and radical terroristists wish evil upon the peoples of Iraq. The South, like the Iraqi insurgency, was a tough adversary, but those that held the moral high-ground won the Civil War. Give these people a chance to achieve victory. They deserve their rights to Freedom as much as the slaves did prior to the Civil War. We owe them the ability to set up a Free and Just Democracy as we have achieved in our own country. It saddens me how short a memory many seem to hold in our country.

It is time we fought for something, instead of against or in respone to something.


Blogger MiKe said...

What you said is true, but we achieved freedom and democracy on our own without outide help, while the Iraqis today are getting help from outside. Many lefties think we should let Iraq fight on its own just like we did during the civil war, but others including I think we should make sure that iraq succeeds. It will change the ME by showing itself as the only democratic country in the ME, apart from Israel, of course.

January 19, 2005 at 5:11 PM  

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