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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Actionary

The New Burkeian strives to be an Actionary, in word and deed. President Bush is an Actionary. Whatever the critics say, the man is Truth.

Consider Diogenes' response:

And then the embrace between Janet Norwood and the Iraqi woman. More tears - and I don't often cry. My fiancee liked it - but now I look back and wonder if there
is anyone who loves freedom who can't smile at that moment.
I must admit, I teared up at that moment, too. That embrace, and the applause that surrounded it, embodies the mission of the Actionary cause, and what it can achieve. Being an Actionary is more than being an American conservative idealist. It is about compassion for our fellow man, and the understanding of the capability of man to achieve Good.

Let me attempt to highlight some of the Actionary ideals the President intends to achieve. I have stated before the importance for reform in our federal structure. Government is responsible to the people, not for the people. President Bush suggested some reforms for the 21st century that would eliminate government programs that are wasteful, and some reforms that would empower individuals to have more control over their own lives. At the same time, he understands the need for government programs that enable an equality of opportunity for those still in need. As we become a nation of better educated citizens, our government can better serve our national interests. The New Deal and the Great Society have served their interests, so let us move on to 21st century solutions in the on-going experiment of Democracy.

Social Security reform needs to accomplished today. There has got to be a way to protect the interests of our elders, while reforming the system for those of us that have years until retirement. Liberals cannot keep dragging their feet, regardless of whether the crisis will be 15 years from now, or 50 years from now. 21st century solutions for 21st century issues. And as the President mentioned so clearly, why should our federal employees have the option of personal accounts, and the American public be denied those same rights? Surely the federal bureaucracy would not participate in such a program if it did not work.

After reforms have been agreed upon, Tax Reform is essential. And simplification of the tax code can only enhance the efficiency of the federal bureaucracy. If the Democrats drag their feet on this issue, expect Americans to overwhelmingly vote them out of office.

In fact, if liberals truly believe in the whole concept of an activist judiciary, then surely they can understand that outdated systems, intended for the 20th century, need a change. It is because they have become the reactionaries, as the New Burkeian suggested months ago. They do not want reform. They want to wait for the crisis before they act. The American conservative can no longer assume the trappings of traditional conservatism. This is why the New Burkeian strives to be an Actionary. This is why President Bush is an Actionary.

But domestic reform is not the only front our President wishes to tackle. The battle of free-societies versus fear-societies must continue through the generations. Only a world encompassed by Freedom can spell the end to the War on Terror. And we cannot be the Nation of our Forefathers' ideals unless we stand up for Freedom, as Americans.

The only timetable for withdrawal from Iraq is a Democratic Iraq, that can defend its Liberty. Only a fool would ask for anything more. That would be the measure of American success, Iraqi success, and Freedom's success.

President Bush did a fantastic job of identifying 'questionable' allies, while holding them accountable for internal Freedom. He identified Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as friends in the War on Terror, while he also held them accountable to their own people. He also suggested that the leadership Egypt showed in reconciliation with Israel, could be continued through an Egyptian push for Democracy. As an Actionary, one must understand that their is more than one way to achieve results in the ongoing fight for Freedom.

However, there are some areas where American diplomacy may need the backing of force. Syria must leave Lebanon. Hezbollah must leave Lebanon. Syria must begin to fight terror, and begin the process towards Freedom. Iran must respect the rights of its people, and end its quest towards nuclear power. If diplomacy fails, expect American force. That is the bottom line.

As far as North Korea is concerned, we have given the initiative to China, Japan, and Russia. Let them show us their ability to be partners in the War on Terror. We will respect them for their accomplishments as great nations of the world. And we expect them to continue thier own quests towards Freedom and Democracy.

As President Bush stated, we will not force our values in Democracy upon other cultures. However, the ideals of Freedom and Democracy are universal, because they empower people to create governments that are responsible to them, instead of for them.

The New Burkeian can only assume that ideals espoused in the President's inaugural, and reiterated in the State of the Union, are ideals that President intends to uphold. As I have suggested before, these are the ideals the American electorate voted for. If the Administration pursues these ideals to the fullest, no amount of liberal, or neo-con opposition, can stop the Actionary cause.

Thank you Mr. President. You are a force for Good. You are an exemplary person. You are an Actionary.


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