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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


The New Burkeian has become aware of some considerable events.

As I suggested a month ago, Lebanon seemed to be the next plausible target for the WoT. Iraqi blogger Ali, from FreeIraqi, presented a valid case for targeting Lebanon as the next country in the promotion of Democracy.

First let me present the reasons why. As Ali suggested, focusing attention on Syrian occupation, along with the presence of terrorist organization Hezbollah, could strain the international terrorist infrastructure. Attention would stray from Iraq, allowing the newly forming Iraqi army and police force to deal with the smaller local insurgency. That would allow Iraqis to build up their own infrastructure, in order to better aid the side of Democracy in the WoT. If American attention is focused on Lebanon as a haven for terrorism and tyranny, we can help the growing coalition of Democracies in the Middle East.

Lebanon would be a stepping stone to Syria and Iran, as well. Pressure on Syria to remove their presence would certainly expose terrorist elements the regime supports. And Hezbollah is essentially an Iranian agent acting abroad. Adding another Democracy to the growing list of free-societies, would definitely put pressure on all fear-societies that exist within the Middle East, and around the world. The willingness to actually promote Democracy allows these regimes of tyranny to witness our fortitude.

Michael Ledeen recently wrote an article about the Democratic revolutions taking place around the world. He understands the need for an Actionary policy in the Middle East.

It would be an error of enormous proportions if, on the verge of a revolutionary transformation of the Middle East, we backed away from this historic mission. It would be doubly tragic if we did it because of one of two possible failures of vision: insisting on focusing on Iraq alone, and viewing military power as the prime element in our revolutionary strategy. Revolution often comes from the barrel of a gun, but not always. Having demonstrated our military might, we must now employ our political artillery against the surviving terror masters. The great political battlefield in the Middle East is, as it has been all along, Iran, the mother of modern terrorism, the creator of Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, and the prime mover of Hamas. When the murderous mullahs fall in Tehran, the terror network will splinter into its component parts, and the jihadist doctrine will be exposed as the embodiment of failed lies and misguided messianism.

Understand that the application of American force may not be necessary. As Actionaries, we have many tools at our disposal to present the truth of Democracy. Some diplomatic pressure may be all that is necessary. American troop presence has to be a consideration, though. Just because we wish for a legitimate transformation towards Democracy does not mean we are not willing to back our ideals.

Victor Davis Hanson recently presented an argument supporting the promotion of Democracy in the Middle East.

Yet for all its uncertainties and dangers in the Islamic Arab world, there remain some undeniable facts about democracy across time and space that suggest with effort and sacrifice it can both work in the Middle East and will be in the long-term security interests of the United States.

Mr. Hanson makes an excellent point, but let me extend it. Promoting Democracy is the right thing to do. It is the best system for the maintenance of free-societies. We also cannot fall into neocon perspective. Remember that security and Democracy are inherently linked. The promotion of Democracy is the extension of our security. This is fundamental to the Actionary cause, and though Mr. Hanson still uses the word neocon in relation to these ideals, I insist he means Actionaries.

At any rate, Lebanon should be a serious consideration in the WoT. We must not stray from the promotion of Democracy because that is ultimately our goal. There is much that can be done to help the Lebanese in their quest from the tyranny of Syrian occupation and the presence of terrorist organization Hezbollah.


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