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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Some R&R

The New Burkeian must admit that the last couple of weeks have worn him out.

I have written my passion for Actionary policy on these pages. I am still passionate about the future of this idealist American conservative movement afoot. Debates over these topics have been quite prevalent in the past few weeks, since the inauguration.

I encourage anyone that should come across my site to peruse some of my archives for a better explanation of Actionaries. I thought I was inventing a movement, only to find that I was describing a movement. What I saw, from the pre-election buzz to the State of the Union, was the transformation of the American electorate, and the national interest in general, into a passionate and compassionate American ideal.

The debate goes on, though. Check out the major links on my sidebar. RealClearPolitics has tons of commentary on the emerging principles of this Administration, and America in general. And be sure to check out NationalReview frequently for Victor Davis Hanson's columns. Just remember that the commentary often mistakes the President's policies for neo-con policies. I believe the President is an Actionary. Neo-cons uphold the status quo of the international system, for the most part, in the name of selfish interests. President Bush seeks positive change in the name of Freedom and Democracy.

And if you truly want to experience the power of the Actionary cause, read the IraqiBlogs. I am overwhelmed by the energy Iraqis have thrown into establishing their Democracy.

But if you truly wish to understand all of this, read Natan Sharansky's "The Case for Democracy". Everyone around the President has read this book, and if you listen closely, you can hear that influence even in Secretary Rumsfeld's rhetoric.


Anonymous Traci said...

Not having a huge amount of time, I just wanted to direct your attention to an Iraqi blogger who has been very supportive of America's "occupation" of Iraq. I preface this by saying that I do support our efforts in Iraq, I am very pleased with the turnout of the elections and how the President has handled the peace talks in the Middle East. However, as most people do, I believe you have oversimplified the issue.
"Iraqis do not wish for their country to be a "frontline on the war of terror," as Bush recently stated. Iraqis do not wish for their country to be a battleground for reactionary bearded cavemen waging their holy wars. Iraqis do not wish to be fuel for the wars of neighbouring countries. Iraqis want to live and let live." (
It is easy for you to say "be Actionary" when the intended battleground isn't your backyard. The Iraqis have held up admirably...but they are, at least, used to a secular government. What about trying to democratize Iran, a theocracy? Or North Korea, a communist society? And there I meant to be brief...

February 15, 2005 at 8:08 PM  

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