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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Voices of Freedom

The New Burkeian could sit here for days and write about the success of Iraqi Elections. You do not have to take my word for it, though.

Listen to Ali from Free Iraqi:

Millions of Iraqis have put all the doom and gloom people to shame and silence through acts of bravery not words. Some of those still don't seem to have changed their minds, but if such a great victory does not get to them then I guess nothing will. So I'll move on together with all Iraqis and look for the future with more courage and an optimism that is much more founded than any of their "smart pessimism".

Listen to Husayn from Democracy in Iraq:

After being unable to stop our elections, the cavemen are now whining and screaming, and telling us they are going to pursue a holy war against us! The election was not only a triumph for our freedom, for our rebirth, but it was a nail in the coffin of Al-Qaeda. They had tried hard to stop us, to scare us, and to convince non-Iraqis that the election would be a failure...but we proved them wrong.

Listen to Ibn from Ibn al-Rafidain:

Each one voted was proud to show his/her index finger. For me I wanted to scream in the streets (I'm free).

Listen to Rose in Diary from Baghdad:

YES,YES, I did it. I have the courage to do it.

Listen to Alaa from The Mesopatamian:

My condolences to the Great American people for the tragic recent losses of soldiers. The blood of Iraqis and Americans is being shed on the soil of Mesopotamia; a baptism with blood. A baptism of a lasting friendship and alliance, for many years to come, through thick and thin, we shall never forget the brave soldiers fallen while defending our freedom and future.

These are the "Voices of Freedom".


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